Nurture Is

  • Nurture's primary goal is whole school transformation. Our entire approach is orientated towards this end. We believe this change is fundamental to broad scale social transformation.
  • Nurture visualises school as a lighthouse of society in which schooling, as a process of learning, is transformed into a process of enlightenment, a process of perfection in both human and academic terms. Such a process is quite distinct from the prevalent exam to exam cycles of learning that rush through syllabuses at the cost of development of essential life skills and critical thinking skills.
  • Nurture's approach encompasses the holistic development of the child encompassing body, mind, heart, and spirit.
  • We consider every child to be unique and have therefore devised a highly personalised programme which focuses on mastery and self-realisation, thereby encouraging children to compete with themselves rather than against others.
  • We also aim to develop an appreciation of beauty, a sense of curiosity and wonder, and a desire to strive for perfection.

The Nurture School Concept

In Nurture, school transformation means preparing children who are:

  • Inspired life-long learners,
  • Equipped with life skills and self-efficacy to face well the challenges of life,
  • visionaries prepared to face the uncertainties of the future,
  • open to embracing diversity in all its forms,
  • capable of engaging life in a meaningful way,
  • peace activists,
  • leaders,
  • world citizens; and,
  • proactive agents for social change.

India's Most Comprehensive Education Support Programme

Nurture now offers India's most comprehensive education support programme for existing and new schools for PreK-12, and beyond that, preparation for competitive examinations. Like a DNA, learning for a child goes a child moves from strength to strength goes from one point to the next in a dynamic spiral upwards, similarly reaching for perfection at each level of understanding.

To make this possible, nurture’s approach to teaching and learning is based on the premise of 'Compete with Yourself', the only premise capable of bringing out the best in every child. Ongoing research at our experimental schools has led to the incorporation of the Nurture Process of Perfection

About Nurture Schools

Nurture is a outcomes driven, values laid process of transformation at a school. It's driven by its mission to make education more meaningful for the individual child and to create conscious and caring individuals for whom service to humanity will become a way of life. They will become both leaders and team builders, not just competitors. They will be intrinsically motivated to do their best always and to compete with themselves, not others. They will be able to distinguish right from wrong & will always chose to do that which is worthy of human nobility.

Nurture Addresses A Child’s Reality

  • A child is a material being.
  • A child is a human being.
  • A child is a divine being.

Material Education

Signifies attainment of material comfort and ease

Human Education

Signifies civilization and progress

Divine Education

Signifies acquisition of divine perfections

Nurture is a rounded education of body, mind, heart and spirit of each child.

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