A Balanced Development Of Body, Mind, Heart And Spirit

  • A Nurture International Preschool is a joyful, hands-on / interactive learning environment.
  • It is a Vision-Led, Outcomes-Driven model with measures for success of the individual child.
  • Detailed training of teachers is provided along with supervision and implementation support.
  • A Nurture International Preschool includes learning materials for the discovery of Maths, English, Hindi, EVS Thematic Work and more...
  • From independent learning to group work and whole class dynamics, activities span a wide range.
  • Classroom Materials
  • Materials for Mathematics
  • Materials for Language
  • Materials for Concept Formation
  • Materials for Story Narration
  • Materials for Problem Solving
  • Materials for Dramatic Play
  • Materials for Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Mix & Match, Classify & Sort Activities
  • Puzzles & Games, Cut and Paste Activities
  • Science Experiments
  • Flash Cards & Dominoes
  • Sentence Strips, Story Boards and Books
  • Montessori Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Rhyme and Song Books with CD and more...
Stage T – Toddlers Stage I – Playgroup Stage II – Lower KG Stage III – Upper KG