• Nurture has been developed with the help of over 200 educators working in three continents.
  • Nurture has been perfected with a multi-year trial in three countries: Iceland, UK and India.
  • The study materials of the Nurture program, such as the MAXIM Classbooks and the Sure Success Series, have been used by over 900 schools nationwide in India over the last four years.
  • Nurture has a research and development team consisting of people from four different continents from various backgrounds with a broad knowledge base, which keeps the programme updated with the latest developments taking place around the globe.
  • Nurture assessments are unique in the world for their design and implication in inspiring and empowering the individual child. They are the world's first assessments that are based on the premise of 'Compete with Yourself'.
  • Nurture is the brain-child of Dr Sunita Gandhi, PhD, Cambridge University, UK and Co-founder: Council for Global Education, USA. She is the daughter of Dr Jagdish and Dr Mrs Bharti Gandhi and has benefitted from their 50 plus years of experience running of the City Montessori School (CMS). CMS is a Guinness World Record Holder (as the world’s largest school) and is the world’s sole school recipient of the UNESCO prize for peace education.
  • Nurture is based on a broad base of research as well as the rigorous exploration of education systems conducted by Dr Gandhi during her visits to 34 countries. Experimental work on a more empowering education began as early as 1992 with the formation of DEVI: Dignity Education Vision International, in Lucknow, India, and subsequently in 1994 the CGE: (Council for Global Education), in Washington DC, was founded and launched its Global Education Model of Schooling (GEMS).
  • Experimental schools were started in the Czech Republic in 1994 and in Iceland in 2000. A new laboratory was set up in Lucknow in 2007 under the name of City International School.
  • Nurtures model was first implemented in India in 2004 at City Montessori School.Its materials are now being used in more than 900 schools nationwide.


  • Nurture is powered by GEMS — The Global Education Model of Schooling of the Council for Global Education, USA. Nurture framework of the four building blocks and its education philosophy date back to 1994.
  • Nurture methods are based on the premise of compete with yourself. These were first piloted in Iceland in 2000 at Aslandsskoli, then piloted for the last two years in the UK.
  • In India, the programme was first trialled in 2003 at CMS – City Montessori School, Lucknow, and then implemented from 2004.

GEMS Nurture Perbooks (Personalized Workbooks) were the first set of materials made as part of the Icelandic pilot on the premise of compete with yourself. Perbooks are matched to every child’s personal needs
Dr Jagdish and Dr Mrs Bharti Gandhi,Founders, City Montessori School (CMS)receiving the UNESCO Peace Prize at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, 2002
GEMS Nurture team in Iceland sharing initial findings of the Nurture maths programme with Prof. Howard Gardner, Ellen Winner, David Monetti, Bill Huitt and other education experts. Experimental work for Nurture began in Iceland.
Dr Sunita Gandhi with top educators of Iceland at an awards ceremony organized by the Education Society of Iceland (Islensku menntasamtokin ses), a non-profit education society started by her in 2000 when her first experiments with GEMS Nurture began in the live laboratory of Aslandsskoli,
Dr Sunita Gandhi on extreme right with family at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, at the Awards Ceremony