Comments of Principals

Vaneeta Dogra

Principal, KiderBrook, Pune, Maharashtra

"It is a wonderful programme.There are a lot of guidelines that help save on our energies. I think I have made a very wise decision. Our teachers have been given excellent support by the Nurture team. We I compare, I have got more than I expected." had a training session for our teachers which equipped them to implement the materials in the programme.

The programme is child centred. It advises the teachers to go at the child's pace. I really like the on-going diagnostics. The children can self assess [their progress]. A child can judge himself. It brings out a lot of creativity. The material is very presentable. It uses good quality paper. The programme is also flexible.

Each Tierbook has a lot of hands-on activities for the child which once a teacher sees that, even if the teacher is not trained, there are detailed guidelines for the teacher. Teachers get a ready-made syllabus.

Each activity can be done in various ways. Its focus is overall development. Its academics, show & tell, Montessori, etc. It takes in from the various good philosophies. It is not just books and materials. It is a like a whole philosophy. We are imbibing the whole ethos. I am deeply inspired.

Training can be at our convenience or training can be scheduled at our own school. The team is very approachable. I am very, very satisfied. I save on our energies. I think I have made a very wise decision. When I compare, I have got more than I expected."

Aarti Jadeja

Principal, Little Steps, Bhuj, Gujarat

My experience is almost magical. Once I saw the Perbooks and the MAXIMs, there was no looking back. It is a wonderful world of education.

The students become so fast in learning! Children learn a lot more. In fact, they don't want to go out to play...All the children, everybody gets a chance and assessments cover every part of learning. It's a whole different world.

The books train the teachers. Teachers are so excited, they want to add and create.

You feel like there's an extended family there for you with Nurture. This whole revolution should be in the entire country and more and more schools should take this up."

Nirmala Rebello & Eunice De Sa

Principals, Secondary & Junior Schools, Sharada Mandir School, Goa

"We have been enthusiastic participants in the GEMS mathematics program from June 2007. The Maxim books with their interactive and illustrative exercises are both useful and interesting. The children have enjoyed the 'hands-on' activities which have helped them assimilate concepts in simple, effective and practical ways."

Anita Dey

Principal, W. H. Smith Memorial School, Varanasi

"Wonderful series! It shows that the author has a deep rooted knowledge of the problems of students, teachers and parents. Very effective for the teaching of English."

Comments of Parents

"GEMS Maths and English books are very much informative and cover wide range of topics in the subject. These books improve practical skill of a student in an effective way."

"GEMS is a good and simpler way to teach a student all basics and fundamentals. A student can easily grasp the things through the examples given in the chapters."

Comments of Teachers

"They are self-explanatory; the topics are made clear step-wise and thus create interest in the student and promote self-study and competition with oneself."

"GEMS materials introduced in this current session have made a tremendous change in [children's] understanding of topics."

"Simple and easy techniques have been adopted to make every topic easy [to understand]."

"Innovative methods make each and every topic interesting."

"A student takes keen interest and is engrossed in doing the books independently."

Nurture preserves and nurtures a student’s curiosity, self-esteem and creativity in a well-organised setting of a classroom rife with possibilities for a young student...