Nurture Provides

Study Materials

  • Course Books / Interactive and Creative Workbooks / Complete Solutions Booklets
  • Fully Integrated Teacher and Parent Guidelines for Hands-on Interactive Work
  • Reduces Teacher Time in Preparation of Worksheets, Saves Costs of Copying


  • INSPIRE Continuous Diagnostic Assessments
  • Use of Voting Devices with Pre-set Assessments
  • emPOWER Baseline Assessments in English and Maths
  • emPOWER Progress Assessments in All Subjects
  • Provides Standardization, Reduces Teacher Workload and Costs


  • A Minimum of 100 Hours in Three Years
  • More as Needed to Master Hands-on Interactive / Accelerated Methods and Soft Skills
  • Trainer Attached to Each School in the Programme
  • Credits towards EXEMPLIFY From Copper to Gold Training Programme

Supervision Support and Quality Assurance

  • Support for Supervision and Quality Assurance, Procedures and Guideline
  • Detailed Micro and Macro Planning Improves Effectiveness and Saves Time, Shifts Focus to Personal Creativity in Presenting Lessons and Engagement of All Students

PLUS Website, PPTs, Logos, and Complete Support

  • Communications Support
  • Public Relations Support
  • Parent Orientation Support
  • School Prospectus / Brochures
  • Designs for Promotions, Bill Boards, etc.
  • 24/7 SOS
Rate of learning Type of learning Attention span Motivation Levels
(fast and slow learners) (visual, audio, motor, mixed, as per individual learning styles) (provides a variety of methods to hold their attention) (builds and nurtures intrinsic motivation)

Nurture aims at reaching out to every child taking into consideration a child’s individuality...






Nurture Provides

  • Clear instructional goals
  • High expectation for achievement
  • Small concept-based instructional tiers
  • Clear accomplishment standards for each tier
  • Personalised work plans based on Nurture assessments
  • Use of varied methods until understanding is reached
  • Immediate feedback combined with the right level of support and challenge
  • Clear and up-to-date records of student progress


  • Textbooks / Workbooks / Nurture Classbook
  • Nurture Formative Assessments / Continuous Evaluation
  • Training and Empowerment
  • Implementation Support and Supervision