SUCCEED After School

  • A SUCCEED After School@School offers opportunity for academics, hobbies and personality development at the school premises itself.
  • A SUCCEED After School@Centre is an after school facility with the same options, where children come after school.
  • A wide range of options are offered that range from remedial teaching to learning mini-acts and plays, to learning an instrument.
  • A counselor reviews progress and plans activities in consultation with the student and the parents. Meals are often arranged through a local contractor.
  • Meals are often arranged on request as additional service through a local contractor.
  • Fun School@School starts when the regular school ends. SUCCEED After School is a facility outside of school set up as a Center.

    Three good reasons for a succeed after school

  • Many parents do not have adequate after school support at home.
  • Children often need academic support in their remedial and enrichment work.
  • Children can use their after school hours more creatively to acquire skills and develop talents, improve spoken English and personality.

SUCCEED After School = Fun School


SUCCEED provides hands-on / interactive methods of clarifying concepts, diagnostic reporting and formative plans along with well-researched and highly effective study materials. Children showcase tremendous improvement in the first week itself!


Activities include a multitude of options to which further new activities may be added. Children sign up for a period of three months at a time.


Personality is developed through a wide range of measures including the use of dramatic skills and show & tell to develop vocabulary and the power of expression, improve body language and nurture confidence.