Input and Output

Nurture Philosophy for Schools

Nurture INPUT FACTORS for a school include

  • Provide clarity of direction.
  • Provide a programme of comprehensive development.
  • Train teachers to implement multiple intelligences, hands-on, interactive and accelerated methods of teaching.
  • Provide assessments that inspire and empower.
  • Train teachers in the soft skills that motivate and inspire.
  • Make values real, focus on beauty, wonder and perfection.
  • Train teachers as creative facilitators, mentors, etc.
  • Treat every child as special.
  • Create a compete with yourself ethic.
  • Nurture an attitude of service in all one does.
  • Inculcate a sense of beauty and perfection as a way of life.
  • Train for world citizenship, cooperation over competition.
  • Nurture OUTCOMES for a school community include

  • Creates clarity, ownership of goals and self-efficacy.
  • Builds analytical and logical skills for better performance throughout life.
  • Shifts from boring paper work, preparation of worksheets and assessments, to creative delivery of lessons.
  • Becomes the best possible version of oneself, is intrinsically motivated.
  • Celebrates diversity & appreciates similarities, is motivated to do the best.
  • Values become important above knowledge, perfection a way of life.
  • Nurtures the whole child.
  • Personalizes learning for each child.
  • Creates original thinkers, unleashes creativity of teachers and students.
  • Nurtures global awareness, sense of giving something back to the world.
  • Creates open, healthy, warm and caring environment.
  • Enables small steps forward in bringing peace in the world.